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School mediation

Wandsworth Mediation Service is a not-for-profit mediation provider offering a range of services to schools nationwide, in person or via zoom:

Mediation of school-related issues: We can help resolve disagreements and improve relations between parents and the school, or teachers and pupils. Matters that often come up in our work are SEN, exclusion and disciplinary proceedings, school admissions process, discrimination and bullying;

Mediation of school fee disputes: Commercial mediation over money owed to the school (which often links with disputes over quality of education or care);

Workplace mediation between school staff;

Conflict management training for pupils and staff, including our tailored peer mediation programme.

          Any questions? Call us on 020 7223 7744.

          What is school mediation?

          Mediation is a way of resolving conflict through conversation, which is facilitated by a neutral third party – a mediator. When dealing with a school dispute, it is crucial that each party has an opportunity to express themselves without being confronted. This is where an experienced mediator can help, offering parties impartial support and assisting them in finding a mutually agreed resolution to their conflict. The process is confidential, highly effective and keeps parties in control of the outcome.

          Hands in handshake in making deal

          Quick turnaround. We found that early intervention through mediation enhances the potential of a settlement, so we aim to organise the initial meeting within two weeks of the referral. The majority of mediations are concluded within one day.

          Less damaging. Compared to open court proceedings, mediation is bound by a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). All details of the dispute will remain confidential.

          More amicable. Conflict can be immensely damaging to a school environment, affecting pupils’ wellbeing and staff morale. Mediation can achieve outcomes that preserve relationships. The mediators will ensure the final agreement is in the best interests of everyone involved.

          Why choose Wandsworth Mediation Service as your School mediation provider?

          High success rate. Litigating a dispute in court can be expensive and time-consuming. Every single one of the school mediations we have been involved with reached an agreement, saving time and minimising stress for both parents and school staff.

          Expert mediators. We are supported by a panel of highly skilled, accredited mediators. Since 2004, we have conducted mediations in numerous private and state schools in London. We will match the right mediator to your dispute. Click here to find out more about our mediators. 

          Why work with Wandsworth Mediation Service?

          How does school mediation work?


          The school can “hand over” the dispute to us by giving us any relevant information, and the contact details for the parents. We will then contact the parents and invite them to mediation. Alternatively, the parents can contact us in the first instance, to give us all of the background information, and we will then contact the school and invite them to mediate. After the introductory phone call to explain the process, initial meetings with each party will be organised.

          Initial meetings

          At the initial meeting, the mediator(s) will meet each party separately. It usually takes 1-1.5 hours, and is an opportunity for the parties to talk about their concerns and what they hope to achieve. If the parties agree to mediate, a joint meeting will be organised.

          Joint meeting

          The joint mediation meeting is an up to 3 hours round-table session where everyone involved in the conflict are able to express their concerns, explore what options are available and look for a resolution. The mediator(s) will remain impartial: they will not takes sides or impose solutions. The final outcome of mediation will be agreed by the participants, not the mediator(s). Find out more about the mediation process here.

          “We appreciate the support provided by WMS last academic year. It helped us mend a relationship with one of the parents, it enabled both parties to take full responsibility of their actions. The entire process was fair and transparent, felt like a safe space and helped both parties to extend care and compassion to each other”.

          School mediation client

          “The mediators were lovely, understanding and made me feel really at ease telling them the issues, which is not an easy thing! Please do thank them on my behalf for making this awful situation a tad smoother”.

          Mediation client

          “Service from all team members was prompt, kind, diligent, knowledgeable, thorough, compassionate, trustworthy and creates peace of mind. Service from all team members was impeccable. Thank you!!”

          Mediation client

          School mediation Questions

          • Mediation of school-related disputes that don’t involve financial issues is available to all Wandsworth residents for free.
          • Mediation of disputes about school fee payments is a paid-for service, with a fixed fee of £750 (no VAT to pay). This fee is usually paid by the school, although it can also be split between the parties.

          We have seen a huge increase in demand for our service since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our mediators are fully trained to conduct mediation sessions online.

          Online mediation means you can resolve disputes quicker, and from the comfort of your home. All you need is a computer or mobile phone, a webcam and a quiet location. Our dedicated case managers will provide detailed instructions and guide you through the set-up.

          If you have more questions, please visit our FAQs or contact us.

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