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Conflict Management course for school staff

We have developed a one-day conflict management course for all school staff. The aim of the course is to understand how conflict arises in the workplace and how to resolve it through the tools of mediation. It is specifically focussed on the school setting and looks at some of the nature of disputes that arise within schools: be that between teachers, teachers and management or between parents and the school. 

The course covers:

  • Looking at the different models of conflict and styles of conflict
  • Equipping participants to handle the first stages of conflict, identifying issues between people in dispute and communicating without taking sides. 
  • Introducing mediation and discuss the key principles: active listening, future thinking, win/win, positions and interests, etc.
  • Encouraging participants to start developing the skills of a mediator (through specific school-related role plays).

We can tailor the course to the precise needs of your school.

Empty classroom or conference room with desks and chairs

Venue and timings:

Either at your school or at our offices in St. Mark’s Church in Clapham Junction, where there are more rooms available. There will be no additional charge for the venue. 

We could run the course over 1 day or over two twilight sessions, perhaps 2 weeks apart to give your staff time to practice the skills in between sessions.


We appreciate that there are huge budgetary constraints on schools at the moment, and we could apply for grant funding with you to cover these costs. Please let us know if you have any questions.

The costs for either a one-day session or two twilight sessions is £1900.

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