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Peer Mediation Training at St Mary’s RC Primary School

Peer Mediation Training at St Mary’s RC Primary School

Wandsworth Mediation Service is running a peer mediation course for primary school children in Battersea, so they can resolve conflicts that may occur between pupils at school. The project aims to equip children and teachers with conflict management skills, as well as supporting schools in addressing bullying and preventing fights. We had previously run our Peer Mediation Programmes in various schools across the borough, including Sacred Heart RC Primary School and Wandsworth Prep, and have recently completed one at St Mary’s RC Primary School in Battersea.

In order to become peer mediators, twelve Year 5 volunteers completed a six-hour training programme which was led by professional mediators. Students learned about the nature of conflict, how it can escalate, and used role-play to practise their mediation skills. At the end of the training, with support from teachers, the children set up a Peer Mediation Scheme which will run in the school playground. From now on, any two pupils who are having a fallout can seek help of the designated peer mediators who will help them work out where the conflict stems from, and identify solutions that work. The scheme will be supported by school staff who also received training.

Wandsworth Mediation Service is a not-for-profit mediation provider offering a range of services to schools, in person or via zoom:

  • Mediation: helping to resolve issues and improve relations between pupils, parents and teachers (over SEN, exclusion and disciplinary proceedings);
  • Workplace mediation between staff members;
  • Conflict management workshops for pupils and staff, including a tailored peer mediation programme.

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(picture: Peer Mediation Training run by WMS at Wandsworth Preparatory School in 2020)