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Reducing Parental Conflict training for the Richmond and Wandsworth Council

Reducing Parental Conflict training for the Richmond and Wandsworth Council

Wandsworth Mediation Service is pleased to highlight the impact of the Reducing Parental Conflict training course. This collaborative initiative with Amity served to empower 46 practitioners from Richmond and Wandsworth Council with essential communication skills. The course, incorporating Amity’s Toolkit and Structured Support Sessions, equipped practitioners with tools to assist parents in varied relationship scenarios. Held at Wandsworth Professional Development Centre, the course was structured around three interactive workshops and involved group discussions, role plays, and presentations. Notably, the training improved the participants’ attitudes towards conflict, helped build stronger work connections, and increased their interest in ongoing learning.

The feedback from the conflict training participants has been overwhelmingly positive. Nearly 9 out of 10 respondents found the course relevant to their roles, underscoring its practical value. There were numerous comments about the usefulness of the training materials, with one participant saying they had gained knowledge that they can use “in work and outside”.

The training influenced a shift in perceptions for 76% of participants, fostering healthier attitudes towards conflict. As one participant noted, the training helped them “not to be intimidated by parents in conflict”. Another described the experience as “very thought-provoking”.

The course proved more than an educational platform, fostering a sense of unity among participants. A significant 92% felt connected to other participants, suggesting the course’s potential to build strong professional networks. Notably, 83% of participants believe the training enhanced their ability to support the families they work with. One participant’s comment, “It has given a way into these difficult conversations with tools and exercises”, perfectly encapsulates this impact.

Regarding future training, it’s encouraging that 68% of participants expressed an interest in further training or support, underlining their commitment to continue developing their communication and conflict resolution skills.

In conclusion, “Reducing Parental Conflict” Training Course has made a significant mark, empowering participants with essential skills, promoting a shift in attitudes, cultivating a sense of community, and inspiring continuous learning. Its undeniable value to the participants and, by extension, the families they serve, is a testament to the power of the training.