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Female-only communication skills workshops in Roehampton

Female-only communication skills workshops in Roehampton

In January-March 2023, Wandsworth Mediation Service will be running female-only communication skills workshops in Roehampton. After consultations with Roehampton Women’s Network, Roehampton Response Network and other community organisations, we have developed workshops aimed specifically at women, seeking to improve their conflict management skills and create more positive relationships in their personal and professional lives.

We are thrilled to offer these unique workshops to the women of Roehampton. Conflict is an inevitable part of life, and it’s important for women to have effective strategies for managing everyday disagreements. All sessions are completely free and confidential, providing a safe and supportive environment where women can freely express themselves without fear of judgment or backlash. During the workshops, participants will have the opportunity to learn from experienced female facilitators and from each other. Topics covered will include effective communication techniques, understanding and managing emotions, and strategies for resolving conflicts. The workshops are open to women of all ages and backgrounds.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to learn and grow with a community of supportive and like-minded women. Register now by filling out the form below. Please note that Roehampton community members will have priority spaces but we will have a wait list for those outside the area.

‘Empowering Women’ workshops have been developed by Wandsworth Mediation Service thanks to the grant from Wandsworth Grant Fund.

"It’s really given me insight into how to restore relationships with friends".

'Empowering Women' workshop participant.
Feedback, 2022

‘Empowering women’ workshops outline:

Location: Portswood Space, 4 Portswood Place, SW15 4ED.

31 January (Tuesday), 09:30-12:30.
Rebuilding relationships: how to restore relationships with the people around you; exploring why relationships break down and practical steps to restore them.

7 February (Tuesday), 09:30-12:30.
Managing your emotions: how to keep your mind and body well during stressful times. Learning techniques and opportunity to reflect on what works best for you.

21 February (Tuesday), 09:30-12:30.
Improving your active listening skills: helping you to understand others better and giving you tools to use at home and work.

28 February (Tuesday), 09:30-12:30.
Straight talking: how to get results by saying things that people might not want to hear. Learning a technique to say it in a constructive way.

9 March (Thursday), 09:30-12:30.
Expressing yourself: understanding and expressing your needs and feelings so that others can understand you better, increasing your confidence to say what you need to say.

14 March (Tuesday), 09:30-12:30.
Dealing with conflict: reflecting on conflicts that have a affected you and using exercises, you will learn skills to improve the way that you react to disagreements.