Who are our Community Mediators?

We have a team of 18 community mediators, locally trained and supervised mediators who volunteer their time and skills to Wandsworth Mediation Service without charging us. The majority of our community mediators are Wandsworth residents and are looking to invest in their local community.

We always have 2 mediators on each case who have the right skill set and experience for the parties.

One of our experienced community mediators, Ben, says:

“The most important aspect of mediation is allowing people to talk about their situation, initially just to the mediators then, if they feel comfortable and brave enough, to the other party.”

And Sharon, another community mediator, says:

“I often get asked why I give up my own time to mediate?’. It’s because I’m interested in people, I like listening to people and giving something back. Actually, the skills I’ve picked up have proved invaluable at work and in other areas of my life.”