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New Service: Conflict Coaching

New Service: Conflict Coaching

We have trained 15 of our mediators in Conflict Coaching and we now offer this as a service. This can be extremely helpful where one party wishes to mediate, but the other party is not willing to engage with the process and you feel like you have hit a brick wall.

In those circumstances, our trained conflict coaches (who are also mediators) can meet or speak with the party who wants to mediate.  They will take them through an established solution-focussed process to help them consider what they could do to alter the way they deal with the issues, even though the other party is not involved.  Conflict coaching helps parties to understand what strengths they might have from similar or even different experiences which might mean that they could deal with the current issues in a different way. As with mediation, our conflict coaches will not suggest or recommend solutions, but help the person work out what their options are, and what they would like to do. 

We have had really positive feedback from parties where we have already provided conflict coaching.  Conflict coaching can help break through the frustration and feellings of powerlessness that come up when you are in conflict.  It can really help in disputes between neighbours or within families, and ultimately saves stress, time and energy for everyone.

Please let us know if you would like more information about this service.