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Community Workshops

We believe that peacebuilding skills are crucial for building stronger and more cohesive communities. We have developed conflict resolution workshops for anyone dealing with conflict at home, at work or in their community. These workshops are free for Wandsworth residents, and are running at various locations throughout the year. 

When it comes to managing conflict, many people feel that they either have the natural ability to do so or they don’t. However, conflict resolution is a skill that can be learned and perfected with practice. There are many benefits to attending conflict resolution training:

– improved communication skills;
– greater self-awareness;
– better ability to manage emotions;
– gaining skills for managing conflict quickly and efficiently, both at work and in personal life.

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About the workshops

Course outline:

The content of each workshop series varies from one to another but generally includes:

  • What conflict is, how it starts and how it can escalate.
  • Identifying common emotions and responses to disagreements, and their role in conflict escalation.
  • Learning how to ask open questions to find out the issues.
  • Practising active listening and summarising what you have heard.
  • Learning how to express feelings and needs in a constructive way, without using blaming language.

Why choose Wandsworth Mediation Service?

Since our inception in 2004, the team at Wandsworth Mediation Service has been mediating issues between neighbours, family members, colleagues and communities. Our trainers bring almost two decades of hands-on experience resolving hundreds of disagreements. Our aim is to equip people with practical tools for managing conflict situations. We teach participants the skills to help with listening and responding, so they can communicate better and change the way they deal with conflict. All our sessions are very interactive, with small group discussions, role plays and short presentations.