Homes for Ukraine: Free conflict support


Wandsworth Mediation Service offers free, confidential support in resolving conflicts between Ukrainian guests and their sponsors, under the Homes for Ukraine Scheme. If you are having communication or organisational problems with your sponsor/guest relationship, we can help you find a positive way forward. Our service is free to all households hosting Ukrainians who have arrived due to the war.


Services we provide:

- Mediation: an informal but structured process in which two impartial mediators help people discuss their disagreement and find solutions that feel fair to everyone.

- Conflict coaching: one-to-one support in addressing or preventing a specific conflict.

- Facilitated conversation: a discussion on a specific topic that is guided by neutral facilitators.


We can help with issues such as:

  • Disagreements over living arrangements;
  • Responsibilities and expectations;
  • Cultural or generation gap;
  • Communication breakdown.


Why use Wandsworth Mediation Service?

Voluntary – you have all the control of the outcomes, and can leave at any time.

Impartial - we will not express opinions or try to influence you.

Independent - run by trained volunteers, not part of Wandsworth Council, police or any other agency.

Confidential – you can speak to us freely. We will not share any information with anyone unless you agree.

Free - for residents of Wandsworth.


Please contact us to find out more.