What is Inter-Generational Mediation?

I-Father and sonG Mediation helps to resolve disputes between parents and children or between siblings, and can cover a range of issues. It maybe that the parties are living together or separately but they feel that they are stuck in conflict or want space to discuss a particular issue(s).

Matters that come up a lot in our work are communication, issues of trust, responsibilities or expectations, disappointments and hopes.

I-G Mediation can provide a safe and supervised space for parents and children or siblings to come together to hold a difficult conversation, voice their concerns, their hopes or discuss their disappointments and frustrations.

I-G Mediation is forward looking. It encourages parties to move forward to stop a conflict from escalating and detrimentally affecting the relationship.

I-G Mediation is confidential which means things that are discussed at the meetings are not shared with people outside the room. Mediation is also voluntary - you have the choice as to whether you try mediation.

Mediation helps...

  • ...people hold a difficult conversation, acknowledging conflict and providing a safe space where you can consider and choose solutions to the issue at hand.
  • ...people talk about the issues they face and give them opportunity to find a shared solution they are both happy with.
  • ...people think about what they want for the future, rather than about what has happened in the past.

Every dispute brings with it a different set of issues, and that is where the flexibility of Inter-Generational Mediation can be so helpful for a number of different situations.