What is Community Mediation?

Community mediation helps to resolve disputes between neighbours such as noise issues, problems over shared areas or other complaints about low level anti-social behaviour.

We will appoint 2 mediators to each case who are neutral.  They will meet with each party separately to hear about the background, and in most cases, the parties will attend a mediation meeting, with both mediators and the other party.  The mediators will help them facilitate a settlement.

Mediation resolves disputes without going to court or involving separate lawyers.

Mediation is confidential which means things that are discussed at the meetings are not shared with people outside the room. Mediation is also voluntary, you have the choice as to whether you try mediation.

Mediation offers a safe place where people in conflict can come together to hold a difficult conversation.

Mediation helps:

  • ...people hold a difficult conversation, acknowledging conflict and providing a safe space where you can consider and choose solutions to the issue at hand.
  • ..people talk about the issues they face and give them opportunity to find a shared solution they are both happy with.
  • ..people think about what they want for the future, rather than about what has happened in the past.

Every dispute brings with it a different set of issues, and that is where the flexibility of community mediation can be so helpful for a number of different situations.